The Procedure

Each of our patients receives individual and personal attention from a dedicated consultant to optimise all cell therapy options.

Step 1:            Initial contact and consultation (Screening)

The first stage is a one to one discrete consultation either held in our main clinic in the Bahamas or via video conferencing. Our medical specialist consultant, allocated to you personally from the outset ensuring consistency for the whole treatment period, will review with you your medical history. This provides an understanding of your existing conditions and former treatments as well as any drugs currently being administrated. You will be asked to fill out a GPA (Grade Point Average) form and Survey form (SF-12) on your current wellbeing.

The consultation will discuss with the patient realistic expectations for the treatment and define likely outcomes. We explain how our technology works and the relevance it may have to a specific medical condition. This initial consultation lasts between 60 and 90 minutes following which we send a summary of the discussion and our care plan tailored to patient conditions confirming clinical objectives.

Step 2:            Enrolment in our observational study & protocol

Once a patient has elected to start the treatment our administrator will liaise to arrange a convenient start date and visit schedule to our clinic in the Bahamas.

On arrival you will be asked to sign an “Informed Consent Form” and an “Indemnification Agreement”. A physical medical exam will be conducted with one of our board-certified doctors to establish a comprehensive evaluation of your health status. We will also perform an ECG or MRI and determine blood biomarkers to monitor changes in the future.

The therapy requires minor liposuction of fat and the procedure takes about 90 minutes. 1 hour after the liposuction you are free to leave and travel. Your fat tissue is then processed by our laboratory to produce clinical grade autologous ADMSCs (Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell). Following stringent testing, these cells are used to generate the autologous stem cell therapies and/or generated cell free injectable products.

Step 3:            The Therapy

Depending on the illness and type of treatment, the initial therapy can start three to five days after the fat harvest with an infusion and/or injection of your stem cells or secretomes.

Step 4:            Follow-up & Monitoring

Med Cell Bahamas will make arrangements to follow up with you at home upon your return and to monitor your progress over the next few months following your stem cell therapy.

This very close monitoring is an important and integral part of our observational study and protocol which must be followed through by all means.

About one week after the therapy we will be contacting you to receive feedback on your condition. You will be again asked to fill out a GPA (Grade Point Average) form and Survey form (SF-12) on your current wellbeing. A small blood sample has to be taken by your local physician and sent to our clinic in the Bahamas. This will be used to monitor your blood biomarkers and the progress you are making.

Step 5:            Second visit

About three months after the initial treatment you will return to the Bahamas for further infusions/injections and the step 4 procedure will be repeated.