R & D

The Company continues investing into researching and treating a variety of diseases with mesenchymal stem cells and their paracrine substances (secretome). One focus is on Neurodegenerative diseases, the largest medical, social and socio-economical challenge of our time. Preclinical and clinical trials for Alzheimer Disease, Dementia and Parkinson Disease are being prepared and registration as ATMP (advanced therapy medicinal product) as well as autologous treatments are envisaged.
In the 21st Century, live expectancy has rapidly progressed as has the number of previously uncommon diseases with no treatment. Stem Cell based therapies are able to repair and regenerate cells and tissues in diseases such as autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular hypoxia, skin and neurological diseases and stroke.
We are able to adapt treatments with the secretome of mesenchymal stem cells to different diseases as well as to individual patients.
Our ExoRAP® and ExoPAN® technology uses a protocol of pre-treatment of the cultured MSC in special media and various anoxia conditions instead of hypoxia. With this protocol a 30 fold increase in RNA content per cell can be achieved. Our knowhow is based on the right (proven & tested & validated) amount and type of media used and the perfect cultivation and production conditions.

We can alter the secretome according to the disease condition of the patient enabling disease-focused individual treatments. The secretome is devoid of all cells which decreases the risk of unwanted reactions.

Med Cell Bahamas has international patents on the illness-focused production of stem cells and their secretome, and a promising R&D pipeline for the treatment of neurological illnesses and Diabetes at pre-clinical stage.
Med Cell Bahamas enrols each patient into an observational study at clinical phase study standard and detailed data is collected. This data will potentially allow the company or third parties to skip phases I and II of a clinical trial thereby saving time and money.