Treatments & Therapies


Stem Cell Therapy:

Stem cells are 'neutral' cells and characterised by the ability to differentiate into many lineage-specific cell types, to multiply and to form new tissue by dividing and maturing.

This ability to develop into highly disparate, specialised types of cells, thus assisting the organism in the regeneration process, makes stem cells unique and highly important to medical therapies.

Stem cells are currently used and will increasingly be used therapeutically by specialist clinics in orthopedy, rheumatology, in the treatment of diseases affecting the joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue, in neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology and in the field of anti-ageing / anti-morbidity medicine.


Secretome Therapy:

Stem cells secrete various factors, such as exosomes (containing microRNA and messengerRNA) and active proteins,  which rescue damaged tissue and stimulate regeneration in a variety of disease models. Our procedures focus on the use of autologous cell-free secretome and conditioned media, derived from stromal vascular fraction (SVF) or mesenchymal stem cells, as a safer form of cell therapy.

Worldwide studies suggest that such cell free injections show the same efficacy as stem cell fraction therapy with less risk to the patient as no intact cells are transplanted. This approach has been widely used and stimulates repair and regeneration in a wide range of both soft and hard tissue organs. The effects are also longer-lasting due to the substantial motivation of all cells in the body to reactivate and boost the natural stem cell reservoir.

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