Cell Banking

In the same way that you wish to ensure your financial security in the future, it is also sensible to make the right provisions for your future health and wellbeing by storing your stem cells as a personal "insurance policy".

Currently there is little provision for adult clients to bank their own stem cells for either future or immediate use in case of disease or injury. Med Cell Bahamas offers this service within the current stem cell regulatory framework to an international client base, with storage services for your own stem cell populations suitable for transplantation and for immediate use by our consulting physicians.

The ideal time to obtain and store your cells is as long as you are still healthy and fit. If you have the disposition towards illness of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders or immune deficiencies, we recommend that you should have healthy stem cells from your adipose tissue stored now. This will enable these stem cells to be applied for any (autologous) transplantation which may become necessary. As the body´s own stem cells age, obtaining them as early as possible is recommended. However, in general terms, it makes sense for them to be sampled and stored at any stage of life.

Fat tissue has emerged as an ideal source as it contains a very high amount of stem cells.

Advantages of storing stem cells:

  • From a small sample of fat, harvested under local anaesthetic, your versatile mesenchymal stem cells are isolated, expanded in number and cryogenically stored in our stem cell bank

  • These cells are your own tissue and can be used for a wide range of therapies which are safe and efficacious as there are no immunological issues – your body recognises its own material

  • By banking these cells you will preserve a record of your biological age, stem cells get weaker and fewer in number as you age – you never know when you might need them in sufficient number, and perhaps quickly (e.g. stroke/ heart attack etc.)

  • Our bespoke stem cell banking service provides each client with a clinically relevant and viable population of stem cells for immediate or later use